Triple Crown Comprehensive Gear List

Below is my comprehensive gear list from my trip. Inside the list is nearly every item I used for a considerable number of miles along with a link and a short description of when I switched gear.


Granite Gear Leopold V.C. 46

Red Fox Racer wire 40

I carried the Granite Gear pack on the Appalachian Trail because of my larger sleeping bag and heavier clothes through the winter and early spring. I switched to the Red Fox pack for the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail.


Etowah Outfitters zip 10 tarp

Big Agnes Fly Creek 

I used the Etowah tarp in more mild environments and as a shield to keep the snow from coming in the shelters on the Appalachian trail during the winter. I used the fly creek all other times of the year.

Sleeping Bag

Katabatic Flex 22

Red Fox Yeti -20

Kelty Cosmic DriDown 

I used the Red Fox sleeping bag for the two months (through winter) and then transitioned to the Kelty bag and then carried the Katabatic flex for the last 5,000 miles. I never slept cold on the trail.

Trekking Poles and Traction

Stabil Stride Trekking Poles

Stabil Traction

Both were used for the duration and when the conditions required. I also used heavy duty crampons through the High Sierra as well as Microspikes for about 100 miles when I lost a Stabilicer in Maine.


Variety of Columbia Shoes

In sections where significant snow and single digit temperatures were common I wore waterproof running style shoes, on all other sections my shoes were non waterproof running style shoes.


Iphone 6s with Verizon coverage

Anker Powercore 10000

Spot Gen 3 – Carried for the last 4,000 miles to keep my parents sane

I used a point and shoot camera on the Appalachian Trail but in order to save more weight I switched exclusively to my iphone along with a couple timer apps to take photos with me in them. The Anker 10000 would recharge my phone 5 times over, and I never even cut it close to using it up.

Rain Gear

Red Fox Rain Pants

Marmot Rain Jacket

Patagonia Torrent Shell

I used the Red Fox rain pants the entire way and despite getting multiple holes along the way with a little TLC and duct tape they held up all 7,700 miles. I used the Patagonia rain jacket until I wore it out after 5,000 miles at which point I switched to an Orange Marmot Rain Jacket when walking through hunting season.


Fits light hiker socks

Sof Sole running select socks

Carhartt 2 in 1 hat -when weather required

Carhartt Base Force Shirt -when weather required

Generic Long Sleeve and short sleeve synthetic shirts

Carhartt base force long johns

Carhartt light weight hat

Etowah overmitts

Generic cheap (Walmart) athletic shorts

Cheap snow gloves -when weather required

Cheap bandanna to use as a towel and added sun protection

REI Spruce Run Primaloft synthetic jacket. Has been discontinued

Acteryx Atom Jacket used this when the weather started moving towards winter on the Continental Divide Trail

All clothing was used in an as needed basis depending on the weather and conditions.

Cook System

Etowah outfitters alcohol stove

Optimus Crux Canister stove

Jetboil Zip cooking system

All stoves have their pluses and minuses. The Jetboil was the most efficient but the heaviest, optimus crux was in the middle with weight and efficiency and the Etowah stove was light and somewhat efficient but was an alcohol stove. I carried each of them for at least 1,000 miles and was happy with each for what they were.

Long handled spoon – Long handled to reach the bottom of my cup

Snowpeak pot – Link is the closest they still sell. I use the most basic titanium pot

Shaker cup – I use this as my bowl, thermos and spare water bottle. I never had to replace it, over 6,000 miles

Two mini lighters to light stoves

First aid Kit/toiletries

Needle and wax floss – repairing gear and sewing wounds

toothbrush & tooth paste

Ointment – cleaning wounds

Duct Tape – for everything from blisters to band aid substitute to gear repair

Advil, Tylenol, Peptobismal – for when the situation called for it

Assorted items

Leatherman squirt 

Inhaler – I do have asthma

Sunglasses (of the cheap variety) that clipped on my glasses – trendy I know

Aquamira – Chemical water treatment I carried the whole way (even when I had a filter). Cleans water in 20 minutes

Sawyer squeeze mini – Water filter used on the Continental Divide Trail

Therm-a-rest Z lite Sol sleeping pad that was very uncomfortable. I would use something different next time. I went through two of these