Mobile Apps for the Outdoors

In a world of ultralight hiking/backpacking and smartphones that have become the new Swiss Army Knives, we are nearly unencumbered in what we can do with our phones. I used a few apps countless times while hiking this year and I wanted to pass them along so that you may be able to use them […]

Colorado 14ers

Capital Peak – 14er #40

Due to exhaustion from the previous day I did not sleep in and work up around 6 am and ready to take on the highly anticipated Capital Peak. The lesson learned from the previous day heavily resonated with me and I made sure to eat enough for breakfast push me through the day of climbing. […]

Colorado 14ers

Maroon Peak, N. Maroon Peak, and Pyramid Peak

Late Friday night after work I drove to Aspen, Colorado and took the road out into the Maroon Bells Park. It was pitch black but I was ready to hike in a couple miles just to be able to camp amongst the bears. I packed and took the bare minimum (only a tent and sleeping […]

Colorado 14ers

Grays and Torrey Peaks

This was very uneventful and was done nearly entirely in the rain, hail fog and thunderstorms. I did do it the right way though. On the approach up to the climb I noticed some suspicious clouds that were followed up by the blue sky. I figured that if I could time that blue sky right […]

Colorado 14ers

Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans

I started out at Guanella pass very early, but since Bierstadt is one of the most popular 14ers many other people had the same idea. It was just getting light on the trail as I walked along the flat muddy ground and began passing people. The trail was muddy and required some puddle jumping on […]

Colorado 14ers

Snowmass, Castle and Conundrum

Due to a commitment in Denver I was unable to make it out to the Elks range until late on Saturday. At this point I drove straight to the Snowmass trailhead, prepared my pack and hiked just past the second gate and camped at the first campsite near the creek. My philosophy has always been […]

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