Triple Crown Comprehensive Gear List

Below is my comprehensive gear list from my trip. Inside the list is nearly every item I used for a considerable number of miles along with a link and a short description of when I switched gear. Packs Granite Gear Leopold V.C. 46 Red Fox Racer wire 40 I carried the Granite Gear pack on […]

Day 97 – The Hotel

PCT day 10After a day at the nature hot springs “spa” I had 34 miles to get to Cajon Pass where my friend Lil Buddha bought me a hotel room. The plan was to make the miles before too late in the evening in order to get some true relaxing in. The hiking began around […]

Day 94 – hiking, fires, detours

PCT day 7 I walked 20 miles enjoyable miles through the San Gorgonio wilderness. A series of canyons and ridges that look straight out of a western movie with tumbleweeds and all. I walked up through this terrain to whitewater preserve and then explored the river that is much more the size of a creek. I […]

Triple Crown

8,000 mile hiking journey starts here!

This is the beginning. I will be hiking the Triple Crown of Hiking this Year which is nearly 8k miles. Everything I post will be published through this site as well as my Facebook groupedĀ FreeOutside. I will be completing the journey with the help of multiple brands and sponsors which I will detail tomorrow while […]

Colorado 14ers

North Eolus and Mt. Eolus

I woke up early and was ready to begin the big day of hiking and climb four more peaks. The goal was to get up and down Mt. Eolus, North Eolus, Windom Peak and Sunlight Peak before inclimate weather and back to my car at the Purgatory Creek trailhead before too long after dark. It […]

Colorado 14ers

Capital Peak – 14er #40

Due to exhaustion from the previous day I did not sleep in and work up around 6 am and ready to take on the highly anticipated Capital Peak. The lesson learned from the previous day heavily resonated with me and I made sure to eat enough for breakfast push me through the day of climbing. […]

Colorado 14ers

Maroon Peak, N. Maroon Peak, and Pyramid Peak

Late Friday night after work I drove to Aspen, Colorado and took the road out into the Maroon Bells Park. It was pitch black but I was ready to hike in a couple miles just to be able to camp amongst the bears. I packed and took the bare minimum (only a tent and sleeping […]

Colorado 14ers

Grays and Torrey Peaks

This was very uneventful and was done nearly entirely in the rain, hail fog and thunderstorms. I did do it the right way though. On the approach up to the climb I noticed some suspicious clouds that were followed up by the blue sky. I figured that if I could time that blue sky right […]

Colorado 14ers

Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans

I started out at Guanella pass very early, but since Bierstadt is one of the most popular 14ers many other people had the same idea. It was just getting light on the trail as I walked along the flat muddy ground and began passing people. The trail was muddy and required some puddle jumping on […]

Colorado 14ers

Quandary Peak

After finishing up with holy cross it was time to drive to Quandary Peak and get up and down the second 14er of the day. I arrived in the parking area and saw many people and cars leaving. As with most 14ers it seems that this was one that people tried to do early in […]

Colorado 14ers

Mt. of the Holy Cross

I got to the trailhead on Friday night and enjoyed numerous “shooting stars” during the Perseid meteor shower before I headed to bed. I woke up as more cars arrived at the trailhead and grabbed my pack and headed out on my first fourteener of two scheduled for the day. The trail was well maintained […]

Colorado 14ers

Climbing the 14ers in one summer while working full time

My attempt to climb all the Colorado 14ers this summer (over 14,000 feet in elevation). There are 54 official Peaks rising to this level but I have added 4 and am looking to end up with 58 peaks under my belt by the time the weather turn. Current count to date: 27.

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