The Past the Present and the Future of Freeoutside

A lot has happened since the last time I posted: I have moved to Colorado, attended the Outdoor Retailer show, taken a job, battled through the depression of readjustment, gained back some weight, done over 20 presentations and written over 330 pages of my book. There are lots of cool things in the works! I […]

Day 207-South Pass City

CDT day 35-Miles Hiked today: 41 CDT total distance traveled: 1220 Total trip miles: 6100 Avg temps: 80s Injuries: Achilles tendinitis  Pain: Achilles Exhaustion level: moderate Favorite meal: poptart in the morning With 13 miles to get to South Pass City and my resupply boxes all I had was one poptart and coffee. It was […]

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