Triple Crown Comprehensive Gear List

Below is my comprehensive gear list from my trip. Inside the list is nearly every item I used for a considerable number of miles along with a link and a short description of when I switched gear. Packs Granite Gear Leopold V.C. 46 Red Fox Racer wire 40 I carried the Granite Gear pack on […]

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Video

Here is the video highlighting my adventure over the last 8 plus months and 7,600 plus miles while completing the calendar triple crown. Open post by clicking title to see the Link below: Video here

Day 242-Pie Town

CDT day 70-Miles Hiked today: 30 CDT total distance traveled: 2420 Total trail miles: 7300 Avg temps: 70s Injuries: hamstring Achilles  Pain: feet Exhaustion level: low Favorite meal: Pie town Pie During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: The art of obtaining (being […]

Day 230-Wolf Creek Pass Weather

CDT day 58-Miles Hiked today: 13 CDT total distance traveled: 6876 Total trip miles:  Avg temps: 40s Injuries: hamstring Achilles Pain: feet, cold fingers  Exhaustion level: low Favorite meal: rotisserie chicken After the brutal storm overnight enough snow had accumulated to look like snow. All my gear was wet and my mood was not great. […]

Day 187-the elk

CDT day 15-Today was monumental. The Continental Divide Trail is broken into 6 segments and today I completed the first one. At the same time that I completed segment 1, I was extremely tired all day and had a piercing headache. Good thing coffee cures all. I woke up to prancing around my tent. When […]

Day 104 – Elements of adventure

PCT day 17  Yvon Chouinard who’s the founder of the company Patagonia said “When everything goes wrong, that’s when the adventure starts.” Without a doubt an adventure gets much more intriguing and exciting when things go wrong, but when hiking 8000 miles in one year it’s hard to decipher whether something is going right or […]

Basic Gear List…Finally¬†

Pack-Granite Gear AC Leopoldo 48 on the AT -Red Fox Racer wire 40 on the PCT Sleeping Bag -Red Fox Yeti -20 degree Celsius in southern AT (until mid March)  -Kelty cosmic 20 dri down sleeping bag on northern AT -REI extremely used and worn out sleeping bag that was originally rated at 20 degrees […]

Day 97 – The Hotel

PCT day 10After a day at the nature hot springs “spa” I had 34 miles to get to Cajon Pass where my friend Lil Buddha bought me a hotel room. The plan was to make the miles before too late in the evening in order to get some true relaxing in. The hiking began around […]

Day 96 – The Oasis

PCT day – 9 I woke up at little bear spring with 22 miles of hiking until one of my favorite spots on the trail. I was prepared to do it with minimal stops along the way in order to have the whole day. The plan went perfectly and I was soaking in deep creek hot […]

Desert Pictures


HDay 91 – Desert Storm

PCT day – 4 I woke up in a wet tent but it wasn’t soaked. When I stared out at where the storm had been last night I see a more dense, darker mass of clouds. Little did I know this storm would chase me all day. For the first 5 miles of the trail […]

Day 90 – Cloud wall

PCT day 3 As I sit here writing this I see a gigantic wall of dark clouds coming right at me. The forecast is heavy rain, winds, and thunderstorms. It could be a wild night. I not only staked my tent into the ground but also put boulders on top of the tent stakes and […]

Day 89 – The desert

PCT – day 2 I woke up and packed up to hit the trail at Lake Morena with a spring in my step that few other hikers had. Many were hobbling around from soreness or blisters. The miles flew by since the trail is so well maintained and there is no snow or ice on […]

Day 88 – PCT day 1

First off I am sorry to mess with the routine of posting about my adventure daily but After 1 day of travel and 2 days of rest and binge eating I feel adjusted and ready to take on another trail. It is pretty strange to think that after hiking one long trail I start right […]

Triple Crown

Suicide Prevention

These trails are not just for me. I have received many letters and messages through this trip and I want to take the chance to thank everyone for sharing their experience with the suicide with me and also pass along the big message I have not been able to capture recently and if you feel […]

Triple Crown

Photo journey through the Appalachian Trail

 Beginning with Rick!    The first major storm in the Smokeys    The continuing weather challenges into Virgina    Walking the tundra of every Bald covered in snow. I missed so many views in the south.   The classic Mcafee knob photo    The snow broke as I neared the mid Atlantic and gave way to big mile days, […]

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