My Goals for the Future

It doesn’t have to be New Years Day to set ambitious and lofty goals. I have always been very goal oriented and find immense satisfaction in chasing goals that are on the verge of my ability and comfort zone. I have been working to decide what I want to do next and have come up with a few lofty projects to work on over the next few months.

I challenge everyone to set your own loft goals and work towards them. There is nothing better than achieving something that causes doubt and trepidation along the way. Below are my goals for the next few months and I would love to hear some of yours.

-Attempt Nolans 14 unsupported – A Colorado “Route” crossing 14, 14,000’ mountain peaks with 45k’ in elevation gain (mid-September)

-Complete a 50-mile ultramarathon at altitude (October). I’ve been using strava to track workouts if there is any interest in following along.

-Get my book published finally. The second draft of 435 pages is complete and working to find the right situation and editor to finish it out.

-Run the Rock and Roll half Marathon in under 1:30 (October 15th)

There it is, it is out there and I am committed! I Would love to hear the lofty goals you have set for yourself, whether academic, physical, mental or career oriented. They are all important! Keep finding joy and purpose in life!