Day 68 – New Hampshire 

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter… I woke up and stayed awake to the continual sound of rain on the abandoned shelter I was staying in. I didn’t get up but I rolled over with no motivation to attack the day with my usual vigor. It was what I call a music morning. I found an upbeat song, turned my phone up and soon my energy was turned up with a hot cup of instant coffee. From here I began my long wet morning. It was 17 miles to Hanover and much of it was fog filled and monotonous but not long before the road I saw a moose blocking my way. We played “footsie” for a while before he finally decided to quit leading me on the trail to Maine. It was nice to finally make a friend. From here I hit the road and walked along the road over the Connecticut River and on into New Hampshire and into Hanover which is the home of Dartmouth College. I had a warm meal and a beer then moved on. From here the trail wasn’t much to look at so I was able to catch up with my family and made a couple phone calls. I don’t dislike the solitude but sometimes it is great to talk to those you miss on the phone. Now that I am in New Hampshire the real mountains begin and we get to see what I am made of. I am the first Northbound thru hiker and should be the first finisher of the Appalachian trail in 2016. It should be quite the adventure from here to the top of Katahdin.