Day 47 – Rocks on Rocks 

Pennsylvania has an incredible amount of rocks. Think of it like walking up the largest local hill, only the hill is covered in softball size rocks. As a result I have suffered in this section. On top of lower miles per day, I have a strained hamstring and a rolled ankle. Luckily they are on opposite legs and I have created a new walking style. It looks as if a skinny penguin is trying to run in sand. Good thing my ankles are looser than the debates for this presidential election or I may have not been able to bounce back so well at every twist and turn of an ankle. The weather was gorgeous today and I saw a few people out enjoying it. I met some college kids from Lehigh university as well as multiple adults out to walk their dogs. The very rugged terrain was challenging to maneuver. Every step required supreme concentration to find a trustworthy stepping stone. All this work and crossing the Lehigh river caused my current exhaustion. Luckily there were some good views into the valleys on either side of the mountains around Lehigh Gap!
The views of the moon this evening were amazing. 
Straight into more tomorrow!