Day 38 – So wet so cold

I apologize in advance: this will not be one of my longest posts due to being wet, cold and exhausted right now. I am about 20 miles from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia where my next resupply is and where I can dry out my clothing. Today I awoke and soon realized that the clocks all sprung forward. That translates to me readjusting my routine as well. Getting in 10 miles by ten o’clock would now be a little different. I’m sure with nothing but time to readjust to the new time, I will be back on track in no time. In short there were some ups and some down on a very overcast day that was constantly threatening rain. Just when I thought the weather would hold out, the clouds opened up and began to pour. It wasn’t just a quick shower either. It rained from roughly 4pm until I finally called it quits deep into the night. This is where the fiasco started. In the pouring rain and already soaked, I tried to put my tent up in a hurry and not only picked a bad spot but poorly positioned it without knowing. Within and hour I felt the drops on my forehead that told me I had failed. Luckily with a town tomorrow I can work with wet gear for the 23ish miles left on this leg. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the night of rain: