CDT day 80 -CDT total distance: 2756

Total trail miles hiked: 7636
My shoe was untied but I kept going. My Achilles was tightening up but I couldn’t stop. I had a thorn in my sock but I as slowing. The end was in sight. As the monument came into view that elated feeling of accomplishment came over me and I felt a shiver. I walked up and touched the monument and it was finally over. After 252 days of every weather system you can imagine and countless roadblocks I had somehow finished something that up until now I would never have believed. Greater than the physical accomplishment is the many messages and people I have reached and connected with on the trip. Whether a simple message about inspiring someone to go on a hike or a more heart wrenching story of how suicide has effected someone’s life it has been an honor to be a part of this. I am just a normal person who chose to get up and chip away at something big and eventually it paid off. I hope you all will be able to accomplish your goals and dreams with the same method and don’t forget there are so many people around willing to help. I could never have done this without my family and especially all your support. So find your Free Outside.

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