Day 248-Silver City

CDT day 76-Miles Hiked today: 38

CDT total distance traveled: 2619

Total trail miles: 7499

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: calf soreness, foot pain

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: chili relleno casserole 
During this final week of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: Donate here
Being free of the mountains and only desert between me and the end of this great adventure is bittersweet. There shouldn’t be any more weather to struggle through but that also means I will sacrifice the beauty that goes along with it. As one Silver City resident put it, “Here we measure our snow in inches, not feet.” Silver city is one of the larger towns I have passed through on this trip. So what did I eat in town? Obviously I had an appetizer of Taco Bell just to give me the energy to walk to the Post Office and the Brewery next to it. Some hikers I befriended on the Pacific Crest Trail (5 months ago) did not forget about me and even sent me a care package with two of my favorite things on the trail: Goldfish crackers and homemade brownies! They even threw in a PCT hiking magazine thinking I either needed something to read or fire starter. After my two beers I was ready to commit to the desert and set off. Luckily I had enough service to listen to my baseball team, SF Giants. Unfortunately I heard their final game as they lost. I guess this means there are no more distractions until the end. The best part of my day though was my dinner: dehydrated enchilada casserole. This is my favorite trail mean and has the right amount of spice, flavor and substance to rehydrate to almost as good as the real thing!