Day 247-Doc Campbell’s Post

CDT day 75-Miles Hiked today: 37

CDT total distance traveled: 2584

Total trail miles: 7464

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: vanilla latte or coke at Doc Campbell’s Post
During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: Donate here
In the morning I started out 1/2 mile from the trail due to some unreadable maps due to water and a wrong gps track on my phone. This would set the tone for the day. I finally found the trail in the morning and began the painful walk on fist sized rocks most of the morning. As you can imagine, walking on the uneven terrain only adds to my foot pain. Mid morning I came to a trail intersection I could not see on my maps nor the app on my phone so I decided to throw away my resources and channel my inner Louis and Clark. I knew where I was headed and was going to get there come hell or high water. I took a trail down to the in the canyon river and followed this for four miles (with half a dozen crossings of it) before reaching a road. This road led to the highway and from there after three short miles of following the highway I reached Doc Campbell’s Post and my resupply package. Imagine a gas station from the 1940s and that is what Doc Campbell’s Post looked like. It had one pump that didn’t even look functional but alas a few cars pulled up and were able to fill up. I had sent a package here so all I bought was a coke to drink while resupplying and then I we back on my way. There are some suspicious clouds lurking so if you would all send good vibes my way I really do not want to have to persevere through another demoralizing storm. Not too many more miles which means not too many more days left.