Day 233-New Mexico

CDT day 61-Miles Hiked today: 40

CDT total distance traveled: 2104

Total trip miles: 6984

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles 

Pain: feet,toes

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: Carmel latte
New Mexico has already been flatter, warmer and easier than Colorado. It is no coincidence that my first day in this state I was able to pull off a 40 mile day. I was still often above 9,000 feet but I saw much less mud and signs of snow than I have in the last week. I saw more cows and just as many bright aspen trees as Colorado contained. One of the biggest changes was the Elk. I saw over 200 elk today all in groups of 10-20. On occasion I would hear and elk bugle. Elk are some of my favorite animals out here because they are giant but also terrified of people. Moose and bears do not always have that second quality but that is also how good stories are made. It’s strange to be on my last state but this adventure has to wrap up at some point.