Day 230-Wolf Creek Pass Weather

CDT day 58-Miles Hiked today: 13

CDT total distance traveled: 6876

Total trip miles: 

Avg temps: 40s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet, cold fingers 

Exhaustion level: low

Favorite meal: rotisserie chicken
After the brutal storm overnight enough snow had accumulated to look like snow. All my gear was wet and my mood was not great. Between downpours I was able to pack my wet things up and start hiking. Luckily the thunderstorms had subsided but as soon as I cleared the first ridge I got blasted with wind so strong it moved me a few feet. This was more unpleasant. There was not a single article of clothing in my pack as I was either wearing all of them or they were too wet to do anything other than hang off my pack away from the few dry things I had. As I climbed to a slightly lower elevation it began to not only downpour but the visibility was about 20feet since the rain and fog obscured vision so heavily. The rain soon turned to snow and I really was not having the time of my life. When I got to Wolf Creek Pass and realized the weather would not let up the rest of the day I decided to head into South Fork and regroup. I did some laundry and eventually decided to stay overnight as the temperature where I would camp was expected to drop below 20 and snow. It was not something I wanted to deal with. In my afternoon off I was able to eat a whole rotisserie chicken and follow it up with countless snacks. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will improve but if not I will have dry stuff!