Day 226-Rolling Hills

CDT day 54 -Miles Hiked today: 35

CDT total distance traveled: 1885

Total trip miles: 6765

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: knees

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: Kate’s real food Grizz bar
Waking up near 12k feet means the morning is going to be even colder than normal. Luckily I have found a patch of warm weather and the cold and windy ridge was manageable to pack up. The only times I feet like I get truly uncomfortable (almost unbearable cold) is when i am setting up my camp and taking it down. This stems from two things: I don’t move much during this process comparatively and I also try to set up without putting on more layers to slow the process down. Once I was moving on this day the ridges and mountains soon became hills and were much less scenic. It was not a necessarily inspiring day. I had to dodge dirt bikes, plug my nose near a dead cow and have an awkward conversation with a section hiker. Anymore when a conversation doesn’t take off or become natural I can’t tell if it’s me who is awkward or the other party. I’m pretty good at silence and to navigate these hills I have burned through some audio books. Weather permitting I should be able to re-bag a fourteener (14000 foot mountain) on the way out of Colorado.