Day 221-Smores

CDT day 49-Miles Hiked today: 27

CDT total distance traveled: 1715

Total trip miles: 6595

Avg temps: 70s 

Injuries: hamstring Achilles 


Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: smores
I have been tired sore and running on fumes recently so letting my body sleep unencumbered by an alarm clock was a great decision. I slept for 11 hours and had a peaceful morning and cup of coffee to back it up before hitting the trail. It was just what I needed. It reset my mindset, my body and really gave me back some good energy. As I walked within a quarter mile of Copper Mountain ski resort I decided to really turn this into a “me day” with all the pampering on the trail. Actually I just really wanted another cup of coffee so I put my manly, bad ass reputation aside and walked into Starbucks and enjoyed a warm coffee and escaped the frigid morning for a few minutes. Then it was really time to get some miles in. I was lucky and made it over Seale pass and kokymo pass before the rain and thunderstorms hit. From there it was a gentle grade to Tennessee Pass. I got a ride into Leadville where yet another great friend, Taylor from Denver was able to meet me. We had dinner in town then went and camped near Tennessee pass. It was nice to have some luxurious camping with smores and a camp fire included.