Day 220-A change in weather 

CDT day 48-Miles Hiked today: 27

CDT total distance traveled: 1688

Total trip miles: 6568

Avg temps: 40s-70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: head cold

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: grandmas dehydrated chili relleno casserole 
I woke up and got one final shower in before heading out to the trail. I swung by the post office and picked up my resupply package along with an awesome care package from the Vilbigs (I stayed with them in Truckee,CA). I packed everything and picked up a chipotle burrito and a coffee on the way out of town. On to Twin lakes. It was great to see friends and I should see more before I get out of Colorado but I have to keep pushing for one more month of hiking to finish this thing out. Having climbed over 70 peaks in Colorado I am well versed in the crazy weather and today was no different. I put my pack cover and rain jacket on, only to take it off nearly half a dozen times. Luckily no serious weather hit until I was setting up my tent. At that point it was a race. Me building my shelter and putting my stuff in it faster than the rain coming down. I have seen quite a mixture of rain and snow so the cold weather is moving in. With that said I have been very tired lately between being sick and doing big miles to meet friends so I have made the executive decision to turn off my alarm and sleep as late as my body wants tomorrow. One month left of abuse and then I can begin putting it back together.