Day 217- Granby

CDT day 45-Miles Hiked today: 36

CDT total distance traveled: 1581

Total trip miles: 6461

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles


Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: burger in grand lake 
A few times a day I walk across a muddy meadow caused by a melting snow patch or a spring. This morning as I crossed one of these meadows all the mud was frozen. Not just covered with a thin layer of ice but frozen solid. I was able to walk straight through the meadow without my feet getting even the least bit wet. This was a sign to me that the mornings are brutally cold and only getting colder. Luckily I planned my campspot perfectly and was right at the base of Bowen Pass. This means I had a few mile long climb to warm up and stay warm through the early morning as I waited for the sun to thaw things out. Following a short descent and some rollers I was in Grand Lake. To be totally candid, even after thousands of miles hiked I still make mistakes and thankfully grand lake was the opportunity to right a wrong. Even though I have had nothing but good things to say about the shoes I have worn for the past few months, entering Colorado I changed things up and went with a more rugged and warm shoe figuring it would keep me warmer and make the terrain easier to navigate. This was a big mistake and thankfully due to Amazon prime I was able to ship the tried and true pair to Grand Lake after only 250 miles of abuse with the experimental pair. Luckily with my new shoes my feet felt great as I hiked around grand lake and then lake granby and camped beneath an amazing sunset!