Day 208-Great Divide Basin

CDT day 36-Miles Hiked today: 44

CDT total distance traveled: 1264

Total trip miles: 6144

Avg temps: 70s



Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: homemade cinnamon coffee
In short, the great divide basin does not resonate with me. This means a few things: less pictures, quicker pace, more miles, and rare thoughts that look beyond the current segment. If all goes how I have it planned I will average over 44 miles during this section which is perfect for trying to push through Colorado before the real winter hits. Let me describe what I see out here in the high desert. There are consistent rolling hills covered in sage brush and tumbleweed. I half expect John Wayne to ride up behind me. Other than the occasional fence and abandoned roads I am walking on there are very few signs of people. Let’s just say this would not be a section people would hike on their vacation. As for water I have gotten very good at sharing it with the cows. This often means even after I treat the water I have to drink the green water with my eyes closed to stomach it. I don’t want to berate this area too much because I am still really enjoying specific things. I have seen some incredible rock formations (picture of me on one on Instagram). I have also crossed the Oregon Trail and California trails multiple times. Which makes me think the pioneers had some navigation issues. I am constantly talking to cows, spooking antelope, spying coyotes, and avoiding wild horses. This being said, tomorrow I hit the town of Rawlins, WY if I can pull off a 48 mile day. Then it’s just a couple more days of flatland before hitting Colorado and fighting through the elements to wrap up this third thru hike of the year.