Day 207-South Pass City

CDT day 35-Miles Hiked today: 41

CDT total distance traveled: 1220

Total trip miles: 6100

Avg temps: 80s

Injuries: Achilles tendinitis 

Pain: Achilles

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: poptart in the morning
With 13 miles to get to South Pass City and my resupply boxes all I had was one poptart and coffee. It was not going to be the most fun 13 miles. I held out as long as I could with just sipping on coffee before I finally gave in at 8am. If I pushed it I could make it to South Pass by 10 and not be too overly hungry. That’s exactly how it went. Mind over matter as I exited the Wind River Range and began the great divide. South Pass city is a historic site of what was once a booming mining community. Now there are just replica buildings and a store to buy gifts where the accept hiker packages. I tore into my boxes right away and ate some of the chocolate my aunt sent! It couldn’t have tasted better. After a quick charge of my phone I was back at it in the heat of the day. Going from mountains to essentially the plains is quite a shift. The hills now are measured in how many seconds they take to climb whereas the mountains of previous sections were towering. This high desert is quite the flat expanse at 8k feet and surprisingly has water every ten miles, which would explain the cows. There are antelope everywhere along with the occasional jack rabbit and coyote. There is some true exposure in this big sky country.