Day 204-Knapsack Col

CDT day 32-Miles Hiked today: 35

CDT total distance traveled: 1105

Total trip miles: 5985

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: Achilles tendinitis

Pain: Achilles, calf soreness

Exhaustion level: high

Favorite meal: Spanish rice and beans with fresh jalapeños added
I have been eagerly waiting to go through the Wind Mountain Range. It is one of the places I have never been and I have been very excited to experience. In fact I am taking some alternates and spending some extra time exploring these incredible sheer rock cliffs that are still holding snow. I began the day walking along the lake and watching the multiple moose wade through the marsh. Then I began to climb. I actually was quicker than normal on this particular morning but that wouldn’t matter. I soon got to the first of multiple alternates I am planning on taking and turned off on the Knapsack Col route. The trail was decent until I approached Cube rock pass. The trail became a series of car sized boulders to climb up and over. At the top of the pass there was a beautiful lake with yet more climbing and mountaineering to be done. Knapsack Col was straight up from this pass and rose well above 11k feet. This was closer to climbing than hiking and it took its toll. My calfs are sore and my hands are rough from this route and I love it. I connected back to the true route by going passed the picturesque Titcomb Lakes. 14 miles took me over 7 hours and it was well worth it. I closed out the day with yet another pass and was able to climb down to camp near a nice lake. The lakes here are full of fish and in the evenings they come alive with jumping fish feeding as the sun goes down.