Day 2 – Low Gap

I woke up about as sore as I could be. It was the type of soreness that comes with pushing your body. I attempted to touch my toes to stretch, but I barely made it to my knees. I was sore and stiff. There were a few things I wanted to get sorted out before I began the day so it was the perfect time to be moving a little slow. Once everything was readjusted and accounted for I finally made it on the trail around 945. Definitely not the early start I hoped for but also a good way to let my legs ease into the large amount of walking ahead. I passed an older man mid day who I was able to give a trailname. As the day passed I met many other people trudging along on the trail. And finally as I neared Blood Mountain the crowd got younger and were closer to my age. The mountain is a 2.5 mile day hike and on this day there was a decent crowd that had made the trip. I ate a delicious (barely edible) mashed potato based lunch, changed socks and kept on trudging to Neel’s gap. I need a couple gear items already but could not find what I was looking for at the conspicuously located outfitter. At this point I walked on hoping to camp at the Low gap shelter in order to put myself in good position to make Helen Georgia for the Super Bowl. When I arrived at Low gap I met some nice weekend hikers who chatted with me for a while along with a few mice lurking around the shelter. At this point it was time for bed and to prepare myself to put in 20 miles before watching the super bowl.