Day 189-connections

CDT day 17-I slept soundly in a dark bunkhouse with no distractions and woke up feeling much better. Elevation may play a role in me wearing down quicker than on the other trails. My first steps on the trail in Canada were at the lowest elevation I will ever be at (around 4400) and since then I am nearly always above 8,000 feet with regular trips up to 10-12k feet. At altitude a person does not sleep as well, is not as sharp and tires quicker. This has been me. Current problems aside, today was great once I finally got on the trail. I had a coffee in the morning and then walked to the road to try to hitchhike the 30 miles back to where I left the trail t resupply. This was no easy task and it took 2 different rides and over 4 hours to get back to the trail. But I did make it back and was hiking by 12. I walked the crest of multiple ridges and met many hikers throughout the day. I met soju, Bambi, Buttercup, Maverick, and Smelly Jesus. Ironically Maverick knew a person who worked with my dad and had heard about me. Buttercup hiked the PCT in 2011 and also knew a hiker I had climbed half dome with this year. Quite a small world. I continued on and met a couple with a camper who gave me peaches and strawberries which were quite a treat. Today was a good day, although I am really getting tired of people especially in these small towns doubting whether I can finish this trail in time for winter. I guess they don’t know me and will get quite a surprise when I am successful. 

Ending mile: 588