Day 133 – Running from rain

PCT day 45-Leaving Lassen National Park and climbing to the Hat Creek Rim I would have guessed the weather would be hot and dry. In another month when most of the hikers will hike this section there is a 29 mile dry stretch. For me it rained, was cold, and had water about every 10 miles. It made carrying 5 pounds of water pointless. I decided the extra weight was for training. The Hat creek rim was spectacular with sweeping views of the valley below. It is amazing how the rim rises above the valley in such an unnatural way but was created completely organically. It looks as though someone scooped out the valley and left the very steep walls of the rim. The miles around the rim were very exposed and that meant very wet. It was a little sad to look back at Lassen and still see its peak obscured by the same storms that were chasing me. At the end of the day I was able to out walk one of the darker looking clouds and get my tent set up right before the clouds opened up. My feet have been in a bit of pain the last few miles due to some extremely worn out shoes but if all goes well I should be walking in new shoes by noon tomorrow!

Miles 1359-1393