Day 123 – Tahoe

PCT day 35 I finally got my break. Well a short 20 mile break from the snow. This snow walking, creek crossing, peak climbing extravaganza has been wearing me down so it was a great relief to have the better part of 20 miles to begin the day being snow free. Snow free miles means they fly by as well. I walked around multiple Chimney like peaks composed of the ever increasing metamorphic rocks and skirted half frozen lakes with views of snow covered hills. It’s encouraging to see that the lakes are only half frozen at this point. Near the end of my 20 clear miles I was greeted by an alpine Meadow. It was incredible to be walking amongst the wild flowers with a 360 degree view of the sharp peaks still hosting considerable snow. As I walked in to the Carson pass visitors center I was greeted by some incredible volunteers who had me sit down while they waited on me with fruit and water. I gladly answered all their questions before it was time to move on. My goal was 14 more miles and make it in to Tahoe or a surrounding city to supplement my food with a few items to get me to Donner summit. This incredibly rugged section has slowed me down and thus constricted my food. So I figured instead of being miserable and hungry it is well worth the trip to buy enough for the last 60 mile push. And from what I have heard this 60 miles has considerable snow. I made it to Meyers which is a town about 4 miles closer to the trail than South Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately I got here at 8 pm and was unable to resupply and get back it before dark. Therefore I found a good looking bush and made myself right at home for the night. 

Miles 1055-1090