Day 114 – Evolution

Once again I woke up much higher up than I would have liked to (over 10k). But the upside was that my day would start with lots of downhill to a low valley where I would cross multiple rivers including the San Joaquin River. It was pretty nice to start off a morning coasting downhill. After 8 miles I had to ford one of the most notorious crossings on the PCT: Evolution creek. I walked through the meadow and was easily able to make the crossing, although my toes were icicles for the next half hour after walking through the snowmelt. Just as the snow started to soften I began my climb up Selden pass. The soft snow meant I would sink in about six inches every step. This added an additional element to the 11k foot pass. Finally after a long hall I topped out amid cathedral like rocks at the top of the pass and was greeted by a view that spanned frozen lakes and gorgeous valleys. As the clouds came in I knew it was time to descend to the second notorious creek crossing: bear creek. Once again this was not over knee high, but much swifter than the previous crossings. The day ended with a snow covered slope downhill to lake Edison. For the fun of it I pointed my feet downhill and slid on the snow most the way down into the valley. And I didn’t fall even once.Miles 842-878