Day – 1 the beginning 

Today is the day that I officially began my journey. I woke up on top of springer mountain and was ready to move north toward North Carolina. It was a cold and windy night in which I really did not get too much sleep. But lack of sleep for two night in a row was taken over by the adrenaline of getting to walk “real” miles. As I walked along in the brisk morning the sun finally began to warm everything up and I was able to make my way in just a shirt and shorts. The Georgia sun probably brought the day to the high 40s. During the day I passed Copperhead and Psycho (trailnames) who were doing some trail work along with Captain Red Beard. 3 guesses how he looked. He was thru hiking the AT as well this year but was taking it nice and slow to start. My 21 mile day really flew by and I soon was at Woody Gap and real tired. I figured I would go the 2 miles down the road to get a hot meal (pizza) and make sure I could take care of my feet. It was a good decision. At the hostel there I met a very opinionated fellow hiker who had section hiked much of the rest of the trail. He had some good information as well as opinions to offer. At the end of day 1 I am exhausted with only about 250 more days like it ahead!