Triple Crown Complete!

Jeff hit his GPS spot from the Mexico border this afternoon which means he has completed the Continental Divide Trail and the Calendar Year Triple Crown, a total of approximately 7,640 miles. He is now hiking the 26 miles back from the southern terminus of the CDT to the closest road to get a ride back to “the real world”. He will post photos as soon as he has service. To all those that have been following Jeff along the way – you have been both inspiring and motivating for Jeff and a big reason he was able to keep going !

From the beginning Jeff had two goals, one was to hike all three of America’s long trails in a single year and the other was to raise awareness and funds for Suicide Prevention. Here’s an excerpt from his site related to this:

“In 2016 I will be hiking three of the longest trails in the U.S. including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail for a total of near 8,000 miles. With this, I am hoping to help raise awareness for a good cause and make a positive change for those that struggle to realize the joy of the world that I will get to see every day.”

Jeff was able to complete the first goal with your support and encouragement and is hoping to rally his followers to help him complete his second goal of raising $10,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As of this morning he was at just under $6,000 or 60% of his goal. Just a penny for each mile that Jeff hiked ($76) would help Jeff reach this goal. If you would like to donate any amount here’s the link :

Donate here
Thanks for being part of this adventure and stay tuned for more from Jeff….

Here’s a screen shot of his SPOT at the southern terminus of the CDT (crazy cook) and here’s a link also:

Jeff’s SPOT at southern terminus

And some photos from the start and end of the three trails, southern terminus of CDT to come.